Meet Apprentice Aiden

Synergy Plumbing's Grade School Dynamo with a Passion for Warmth and Playful Adventure

Introducing Apprentice Aiden, the youngest member of the Synergy Plumbing and Backflow Testing family. As a vibrant grade schooler, Aiden brings a delightful spark to the team, proving that plumbing expertise runs in the family.

Despite his tender age, Aiden is already an apprentice in the making. While he may not be a fan of Wisconsin winters, this little adventurer adds warmth and enthusiasm to the Synergy team, and let’s say his first move would be to move the company out of the cold and to sunny Florida

When he’s not learning the ropes of plumbing, you’ll find Aiden engaging in his favorite activities. Whether he’s wrestling, shooting hoops on the basketball court, or running around with his siblings, Aiden embodies the playful spirit that makes every day at Synergy Plumbing an enjoyable experience.

While Aiden may not be eyeing a future takeover of the family business, his presence adds a touch of youthful energy and joy to the Synergy team.

Disclaimer: We know he’s not old enough to work – this is purely a fun post celebrating the youthful exuberance of our Apprentice Aiden! 

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